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Pharmacy Store

Products Used

  • EAS Pedestals
  • Hard tags
  • Optical Tags
  • Labels

We offer our pharmaceutical clients a vast range of security systems and products that will work efficiently and effectively for all retail security needs. Our security products include security tags, security labels, CCTV cameras and visitor counters. All of these products are recommended for the pharmaceutical business as they work best with the wide-ranging products and criminal risks involved in the business.

Security tags come in variations. We offer hard tags and optical tags. These can be applied to the various clothing materials (such as stockings and thin bandages) that are supplied at pharmacies. These tags come in different shapes and sizes depending on what merchandise you wish to use them on. However, what works best for pharmacies are our security labels.

These labels are either plain white, printed with a bar code, or in a solid colour. Some merchandisers choose to have their store logo printed on these labels which makes for excellent advertising opportunities. These labels are unobtrusive to the product, and will therefore work best with medical products. The customer will bring the product to the counter for payment and either a run over deactivation system will be used to deactivate the label, or the label will be covered with a ‘detuner’ label.

Secureatag strives to provide superior security for all our clientele. Our advanced technologies will create a safer and more secure environment for you store. Our comprehensive security product range will meet all retail requirements and we are constantly striving to exceed all our customers’ expectations.

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