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A Liqour Store with EAS Pedestals and Bottle Tags

Products Used

  • EAS Pedestal
  • Bottle Tags

Implementation Description

When it comes to advanced technology security systems, Secureatag has the ultimate in comprehensive electronic security products. We provide state of the art security equipment that has been proven time and time again highly successful in the retail security business. We have your retail products covered in every aspect of security.

Secureatag provides a number of security tags that are tailor-made for all variations of product. Hard tags are a popular security tag, these tags mostly used with clothing and garment merchandisers. Then there is the bottle tag. This is a specially designed security tag that is tailor-made to be placed on bottle tops to act as an anti-shop lifting device. This is something that seems to have been overlooked in the security industry however Secure-A-Tag never overlooks our clients individual needs.

The bottle tags are easily attached to the top of the bottles. They are a slickly designed product that will serve all your security needs. The bottle tag detacher is used to easily remove the bottle tag from the bottle, on purchase of the product. This can be kept at the check-point of the store and is not a time consuming process for the cashier rather, a quick and simple one.

The bottle tag is a cost-effective security product that will prevent shoplifting in your store. Your staff will now be able to focus on customers and not have to worry about merchandise disappearing from the store. We, at Secure-A-Tag will always strive to offer a service level that will exceed all our customer expectations.

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